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LIVE Empowered

Own a strong connection with God, Yourself, and your Sisters

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Are You Frustrated With:

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Broken Women Syndrome? 

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Lack of direction for everlasting health and fitness? 

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Feeling empty inside or as if something is missing regardless of making the effort?

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Losing confidence? 

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Constantly comparing yourself? 

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Living the perfectionist life? 

With renewed faith, support, and direction, you can be 

healthy, confident and fulfilled. 

How We Help

"I reached out to Michele due after a few months of struggling with issues related to hip dysplasia. She got me in for a consult within 24 hours and spent a lot of time doing a gait analysis of me running in every shoe I own. She gave me a strength and mobility program, shoe recommendations, and supplement recommendations. Michele speaks from years of personal experience and really looks at the whole picture when addressing issues. I’m hopeful to see how things progress and looking forward to continued work with her!"


~ Val Zajac


"Michele & Salynda are truly the best! Their holistic, Individualized approach has allowed me to fit my training in with my busy career. I’ve been able to reach goals that were once SO out of reach!"


~ Sue Lanz


How It Works


Purchase Program

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Invest in yourself! 


BUILD Strength

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Start your program and build strength in faith, fitness, and friendship



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Let your light SHINE through your wins and empower others!

Welcome to SheRUGGED! Where adventures, God, and Women collide to build a strong, confident, community of women!

No I don't know everything about the bible and I"M NOT PERFECT !! Good news though, you don't have to be either!!!

Unsure about Christianity? I"m sure you aren't the only one, but I would still encourage you to take part in our group! The faith aspects Iike bible study and weekly bible verse participation are all optional!

We are all broken, maybe somewhat lost, not perfect, maybe operating at burn out level, .. like to ride, run, hike, the dirt, get outdoors, stay inside, drink some wine, don't drink some wine.. we are SheRUGGED

Our Mission:

To empower women to reach their personal best

through faith, effective training methods and a strong

caring community.

We will include, themed days, fitness videos, mindfulness, recipes, mobility, nutrition, confidence boosting, gratitude, a little scripture, financial help, community, events, retreats, workshops, and more!

At SheRUGGED we know you are the kind of woman that wants to be healthy and confident. In order to be that way, you need guidance and support. The problem is we are told so many different ways to achieve these things, which can make you feel overwhelmed!

We believe in clear, concise education. We understand that without clear, concise guidance and support, you will regress rather than make progress. That's why we only offer one program with three different levels to choose from (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and provide you with all the tools you need to take control of your growth and transform into an everlasting healthy and confident you!

Here is how it works... First, you purchase the program (here). Then you will meet with Michele either virtually or via phone to discuss which level of the program is best for you. Then we will send you the program and your transformation tools. We will break down the year quarterly, exploring FEAR, FAITH, FORGIVENESS, and FIGHT through reading/reflecting/ and journaling on scripture, establishing healthy fitness habits, 1x a month  bible study, zoom meetings for nutrition, women's health, individual check ins and more! 

So join now and stop weeding through the mixed messages and programs from others and start making your transformation today!

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Download Our Free PDF to Overcome Victimizing 

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